Grow Your Career

At FTI Consulting, we are committed to empowering our people to make their own impact. Helping you realize your potential and feel fulfilled in your work is the best way to ensure success — for you, for FTI Consulting and for our clients. Throughout your career, we promote continuous learning and individual skills development both on the job and in the classroom.

Our Learning Culture

Our learning curriculum is designed to meet your needs at every stage of your career. From your first day at FTI Consulting and continuing as you grow within the firm, we will equip you with the core skills — leadership, business development, project management and technical capabilities — relevant to succeeding in your role.

You will benefit from a blended learning experience — classroom, virtual and e-learning courses — modeled for your individual needs. These courses provide hands-on, practical tools and methods that can be applied on the job immediately.

Grow your career

Key Learning Opportunities

FTI Consulting invests in supporting your development at all levels — from participating in our induction programs to supporting new promotes through our milestone programs and developing our next generation of leaders with our leadership readiness programs — we are here to help you reach your aspirations.


On-the-Job learning

Most learning and development opportunities at FTI Consulting are on the job. One of the key pieces of growing your career at FTI Consulting is the opportunity you will have to work with preeminent leaders in your field on headline engagements that build careers.


Self-Directed E-learning

At FTI Consulting, we understand that investment in our people is a business imperative and that timing is everything. That is why we have created a comprehensive learning ecosystem, linked to our competency model, to provide continuous development opportunities. Employees can leverage our learning guides to own their personal development while taking advantage of our e-learning mobile platform anytime, anywhere.


Intern Program

Our global Intern Program typically spans up to 10 weeks and begins with an orientation to introduce you to the firm and your business area. Throughout the course of your internship, you will become a valued member of a project team and be invited to attend various learning opportunities that will help you develop both personally and professionally. If you are interested in applying or need additional details, please email


New Consultant Orientation/New Grad Induction

This multi-day on-site course is your introduction to FTI Consulting. New employees are equipped with the information, tools and resources essential for a successful start at FTI Consulting. Participants build relationships with colleagues and hear directly from key leaders about the impact they can make as part of the firm’s global and diverse network.


Milestone Programs

Upon promotion, employees are invited to join other recently promoted colleagues for a multi-day milestone training program that will prepare them for success in their new role. These innovative sessions help newly promoted and hired senior consultants, directors, senior directors and managing directors understand their new roles and enhance their leadership, managerial, teaming and client interaction skills.


On-Demand Training

On-Demand training offers on-site, virtual and self-directed e-learning courses to promote continuous learning for all employees. It helps our people achieve their developmental goals by offering a wide range of learning opportunities in technical skills, business development and project management, as well as business-specific proficiencies and methodologies.


Senior Managing Director (SMD) Readiness Programs

Our Senior Managing Director readiness programs build skills needed to advance to our most senior positions. These nomination-based programs provide global skill building and connectivity with leaders from across our global network to drive success. Participants learn insights into the business strategies and tactics necessary to lead a growing and diverse business at FTI Consulting.

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