Our team of experts backs you up! Be it generating first-hand insights or other Marketing & Sales support needed to grow your brand or business.


BIBA|CS is a boutique service provider based in Warsaw, Poland, rooted in Germany and active across several European markets.

We support our clients with insights and experience in optimising the brand, service or product sales and marketing. Our teams support covers several channels and countries - be it B2B or B2C.

In order to reach that goal, we nurture long-term relationships with our customers, subject-matter experts and collaborate closely with carefully selected service providers.

Our mantra is from insights to activation. Hence, understanding the decision making of customers or consumers plus combining it with creative thinking is our way to help customers like you to become more successful.

With this mindset, we support our customers since 2015 in four areas: Insights | Sales | Consultancy | Creation. Most customers chose us mostly to support their international expansion by research and consulting. Others book us for refreshing their Corporate Identity and Website Design.

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Our work is 100% experience-based which means that we combine theory and real-life examples so that you and your teams can promptly operate with our input. We develop tailored training concepts and adjust our materials to your category. We know from our own experience, the more customised, the more successful you will be!

  • Shopper-led POSM Design & Placement

    Learn how to design effective POSM and where to place it along the Path-to-Purchase. Improve the cut-through of your communication tools and help your teams to find the ideal spot.

  • Optimisation POSM processes

    We know how to improve planning and procurement processes. Based on (your) shopper and customer insights and our experience, we define ineffective POSM items and improve the procurement processes saving up to 20% of your budget without losing impact in the stores.

  • Shopper-led Packaging Design

    Learn how to design effective packaging design and where to place it along the Path-to-Purchase. Understand the power of web shop-optimized packaging! Improve the visibility in the shelf and increase the chance to convert shoppers into buyers.

  • Data Visualisation & Reporting

    Implementing reporting standards and data visualisation for faster & better management decisions. We can automate reporting and to create online dashboards to support your internal processes.

Sales Support

In Sales Support, we blend insights and consultancy to solve more complex, sales-driven challenges. Here, it is all about selling more and selling at a better price, launching new brands or adding products to the portfolio.

  • International Expansion

    We support your expansion strategy. For doing so, we conduct market and retailer segmentation, competitor analysis and combine it with your internal data to define priorities and next steps.

  • eRetailing/eCommerce

    We develop tailored eRetailing/eCommerce strategies incl. go-to-market strategies, eCommerce activation standards based on the latest industry standards. Together with our design experience, we set up the bases for a successful start in the eCommerce business.

  • In-Store Execution

    Applying shopper insights, we support your sales team to spot the right locations in the store and help to define the right shopper message - depending on which shopper type and mission are targeted.

  • Category Development & Space Allocation

    Applying customer and shopper insights, we run Category Development projects in retailers or on the supplier side. We are no traditional Category Manager, but we combine insights, intuition and balance producer/brand and retailer needs for the good of both.


For us, insights must be actionable, which is why we need to understand your business challenge. Be prepared for several calls and video conferences before we start. On top, our insights teams consist of subject matter experts to ensure that the right questions are raised along the research process.

  • Consumer & Shopper Research

    We conduct Quantitative and Qualitative Research incl. Customer or User Experience and Shopper Research. Frequently, we run Mystery Shopping, Focus Groups, Expert Interviews, or Consumer In-Depth Interviews as a stand-alone project or include it into our projects.

  • Desk Research

    Most often, Desk Research complements our consulting projects, but you can order it separately as well. Either we work with the data you provide us with, or we can access and use professional databases to create a fundamental market understanding and fact-based recommendations.

  • Analytics & Report Automation

    We structure and analyse your raw data and automate XLS/PPT reports for recurring reporting needs. In case you need online dashboards, our team can work it out for you.


We started early investing in the graphic design for our internal documents as we know that a well-structured and nicely designed message is much stronger. Often, we do not get involved in the execution of the strategies, which is sometimes frustrating. Hence, we started to bring together our knowledge, experience, and creative talent to support you also with your creative challenges.

  • Identity

    We deliver a fresh corporate or personal identity for small-medium companies, freelancers, and associations. Our goal is to develop our customers' brand to become recognisable and apply it on different tools from business cards to a book cover.

  • Website, -shop & Social Media

    We create striking web and shop designs and effective Social Media Strategies for B2B and B2C customers. Using the wide range of opportunities of WordPress, we develop for you a well-designed and user-friendly digital touchpoint.

  • POSM Design

    Applying insights for impactful packaging and POSM depending on the targeted channel, shopper type and mission, we design cut-through sales materials that support you making the sale.

Meet our team

We aim to create diverse teams! Why? Different perspectives, experiences, social background, and nationalities allow us to review your challenges through different eyes and to come up with better solutions. As a result, our team members speak native Polish | German | English | Greek, have a creative, a researcher and a management background.


Tina is our creative heart, gifted with aesthetic touch and style. While being most of the time accountable for design and photography, she also leads the web design process and social media activities for you. Her experience spans now from automotive, convenience retail, eCommerce to the drinks and professional services sector.


Fifteen years of experience on the client (producer, retail) and service supplier side allows him to take on both aspects and achieve the optimal solution. With his background in Trade and Shopper Marketing as well as in Research and Consulting, he has vast experience and yet his hunger for real insights and understanding decision making is the perfect base for co-developing brilliant activations.

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Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in brand/product marketing. Track record of success in cooperation within global companies to create and execute strategy and expertise in brand management for FMCG & B2B brands. She managed ATL and BTL campaigns, promotions, loyalty programs, event marketing and market analysis likewise. We love her goal orientation, her “yes, we can” attitude and optimism, and her Master in Sociology comes in handy when working with us on insights-related projects.
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