The campaign seems to be the continuation of a big advertising push, which began in the first half of 2017. Thus far Lidl had already invested more than 125m EUR on ads (an increase of 35% compared to the previous year)*1. Although there is room to discuss the creative execution*2, I am overall thrilled by this approach.

Straightforwardly, Lidl is communicating to their consumers/shoppers that they carry known brands and their own, private label options. Thus Lidl enters a new era (not by the fact that they stock brand name products is particularly new and exciting) but the way they communicate it, is.

  • Direct price comparison
  • Communicating comparable taste experience
  • 100% money-back guarantee, in case the customer is not satisfied

On the other hand, it also might be double-edged communication aimed at its suppliers. Lidl positions itself as a (neutral) platform which offers the choice to its customers. This, in turn, means that the suppliers are required to invest further if they want to succeed. This might mean increasing marketing spend for brands and private label suppliers, spending more on R&D.

Regardless of what the goal may be of this ad campaign, one thing is certain, Lidl has stepped up its game once again. 

P.S: In other news, Lidl has also accelerated its search for store locations in metropolitan areas*3. So this ad campaign can be seen as yet another stroke against Rewe and Edeka.

Note: The article was initially published on October 3, 2017, via LinkedIn and has been edited for the purpose of our stories.