The objective was to assess the effectiveness of Marketing and Sales activities (B2B, OTC) which required the auditors to engage actively with the pharmacy employee. To be accepted by our client, the audits had to cover specific quotas (e.g. sales areas, collaboration model, customer segment…) which was a challenge in itself and within a given period.

Before the audit, the participants passed a mandatory training program. Mystery Shoppers had to prove the audit by a purchase (picture of the receipt); furthermore, a timestamp and geotagging were required by the customer to apply the results to their sales team’s remuneration scheme.┬áTogether with our partner, we consulted the customer about slight but impactful improvements to the research scenario, which delivered a much more realistic result.

We delivered the first wave and reporting before Covid-19 halted the next waves. End of 2020, the customer resumed the program, which allowed us to run two more Mystery Shopping waves successfully. Our work delivered core insights about how effective the Sales and Trade Marketing teams performed the sell-in phase of product innovations in pain relief and insights about where the pain points to address in the future.